Driver Onboarding & KYC

The issue of driver onboarding is something fleet managers know all too well. Driver shortages and high turnover rates result in the need to onboard fast and waste no money while your new hires are getting started. Whether you choose to work with part-time delivery drivers or hire full-time employees only, the orientation process has to happen for all of them. This includes giving your staff the tools to succeed and making them aware of the organizations value system, processes, systems, hierarchy and expected deliverables.

This process becomes even more relevant for the EV space as there is a big transition happening from ICE vehicles to EV vehicles.

All this data is captured through the BW app for smooth onboarding & compliances purposes.

APIs for automated onboarding to BW app covers:
Data KYC
Access Management
Geolocation Tracking
Appraisal/Behaviour Management

Route Tracking Apps

We are building an inhouse tracking software using which fleet managers can locate our fleet in real-time. This offers more visibility and insights into various areas like driver safety, vehicle diagnostics, driving behaviour, harsh braking, and more.

We have Integrated vehicle tracking and route planning software which will provide significant business benefits to compare planned activity with what is actually happening in real-time, allowing transport team to leverage the assets and quickly identify discrepancies and take the corrective action. This helps us to deliver:

Improved customer communication
Operational efficiency
Use route replays and KPIs for instant driver debrief

Vehicle Assignment

It helps to assign specific vehicle to a driver which can be monitored a and tracked for the purpose of performance, upkeep, maintenance and optimum utilization of the asset.

While running a large fleet size, its imperative that all vehicles vis a vis users are tracked continuously

API Integration

BW is currently working with various Mid Size & Large Size E Commerce, Food Tech and Quick Commerce companies and they would have different set of systems and apps customized for their operations.

We are building our app in such a manner which can seamlessly integrate our software with their tech stack by leveraging the API’s. This allows us to open up our data and functionality to other businesses – clients & partners.

Charging Infra

We have collaborated with various Charging Infra provider companies to ensure seamless movement of our Fleet across locations.

This also helps our drivers to Find Near by Charging Spots, various charging options, reserve the time slots and following a complete digital payment structure to avoid any leakages.

Chargezone, Evnnovator and Electriva are some of the partners we are working with

Fleet Maintenance

Keeping assets at peak performance is a complex, never-ending process.

An effective Fleet maintenance system helps by not only automating work orders and workflows, but also adding more preventive and predictive actions.

To extend asset lifecycles, control costs and efficiently use limited resources, we are building solutions that add automation, IoT data, analytics and AI into our maintenance strategies.


Telematics combines navigation, safety, security and communication into one convenient piece of technology that fits in a vehicle’s dashboard and which is critical to increase the efficiency, speed & traceability of the vehicle

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bluwheelz: BluWheelz to
invest USD 15 mn in a year to
deploy 10,000 EVs

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bluwheelz: BluWheelz to
invest USD 15 mn in a year to
deploy 10,000 EVs

Read Mre
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